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Limit: Bankroll Management

April 13th, 2012 westalarc.org

You can not always win, nor can you think that playing the right way we always successful. This is because low-probability events may occur in series (what is commonly called “bad luck”) that exceed our ability in the game. To address this possibility should be aware that they must maintain a certain margin of error, in order to keep the benefit in the long run when a larger statistical sample is definitely on our side. This margin of error is commonly called a “bankroll”, ie the total amount that you decide to play poker.

It ‘s important to understand that you should never put the entire bankroll in play, otherwise you risk losing everything. With the right strategy fortunately this will never happen.

What to do

First, the first choice to make is that the exact limits of the table you sit. For example, if we have a bankroll of $ 500 and we want to sit at a table with limits $ 2 $ -4 means that you have 125 big blinds, if limits are $ 1 $ -2 250 become the big blind.

To be covered at a time when you are unlucky you must have at least 250 BB, so with a bankroll of $ 100 can be seated at tables with levels up to 0.20 $ -0.40 $. With these precautions you will be able to cope with errors and bad luck, and thanks to the help of these lessons, go to tables with higher limits.

Before you try to double to triple your bankroll limits, never having troppaa hurry to the next level after getting the first results! This will increase your command and your safety in the game and will face higher limits by a margin of error even wider.

Do not ever forget that you are still inexperienced, and that you are trying to accumulate a certain amount that can give you more gain in the future. It ‘important to have patience, especially in difficult times, because if you lose control you will certainly encounter heavy losses.

Texas Hold’em is an investment that paid off in the long term, therefore it is necessary to maintain the proper relationship between the amount of money and its limits in which you play.

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