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Online Bingo Expansion

February 22nd, 2013 westalarc.org

Online Bingo Expansion

Italy-BingoIt is looking likely that the Italian online bingo marketplace is going to be given a shot in the arm as regulators are about to announce a rethink on what bingo site operators can offer via their Italian facing bingo sites.

It has been claimed, that due to very strict rules in what bingo sites can offer their Italian players the revenues of such sites has dropped dramatically over the last 12 months and as a result the tax revenues raised from such sites has been dropping to very low levels. Bingo webite in UK such as Foxy Bingo is knwon as one of the best bingo site in UK.

A study into this problem has revealed that by allowing bingo sites, which cater for Italian players, to reduce the price of bingo tickets whilst at the same time allowing them to extend the range and choice of side games, then an increase in incomes would naturally follow and as such changes such as lowering the bingo ticket prices and allowing for extra side games will bring about an increase in incomes and to therefore help increase taxable profits from such sites.

Italy-flagIt is expected that once a consultation period regarding the liberalization of Italy’s online bingo sector has taken place, during the end of February, then any such changes deemed necessary can be implemented sometime in June or July of this year.

Online bingo operators already hold the upper card in regards to the taxes they pay when compared to land based bingo venue operators with the latter paying 20% in taxes on income whilst the former pay just 11%, an additional fee is also levied on operators, this being a fee of 1% which is charged on turnover for online bingo sites and 3.8% for land based bingo operators in Italy.

The actual returns to players also differs massively between online bingo sites and land based bingo sites in Italy, with the former getting a return of 70%  and those playing land based bingo only getting 58% of ticket sales back via prize pools.

So it looks like all Italian based online bingo players should, sometime in the coming months, find a whole new world opening up to them in regards to lower priced bingo tickets and many new additional side games being offered at their chosen online bingo sites.

The additional side games offered are expected to include a broader selection of slot games, scratch card type games and general casino type games including roulette and blackjack along with video poker variants.

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